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Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Possible HLM Outreach Site?

I took a picture of this area at Robinsons METRO (near the Airport of Bacolod City) somewhere at the South of the City 2 weeks ago.
I usually have my Quiet Times to Catch up with some of my readings there. What you see is the 2nd Floor area facing Dunking Donuts (it is in operation).
I took this picture of the LOBBY because of the interest to rent out by the hour one of the SPACES there. In fact is is available for RENTALS already. It is a great site for a possible "40 Day Growth Campaign" again. This time at the South-side of Bacolod.
I am envisioning a 40 Days of Experience TEAM to handle this. A team that will use excellently and carefully the VCD-Curriculum we have of the PDL (Purpose Driven Life) and similar materials. Praise the LORD ... Technology may bow down at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ and for His Purposes.
Very possible! Indi bala? We have a complete set of VCD-led Curriculum (40 Days of Purpose and the 40 Days of Community). All we need is a passionate Team of 20 to 40 people to do the work of God by sharing His love and Word to those who are hungry.
Why not think, pray, believe and see this possibility with me.
This area that could hold 100 to 300 people comfortably could be a place for another 40 Days experience and evangelization!
-- pastor jr here :-)


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